Sesame’s a Hotel Cat who lives at Rag & Fam­ish in North Syd­ney. via Dis­tillery Cats, on Insta­gram

The Death of Flair: Friday's Goes Minimalist

Collectors Weekly

yeah, but what hap­pens to the antiques?

truth told, restau­rant kitsch has been dying a slow death for the last decade.

Fat Alice reclin­ing on her cor­nu­copia chair; draw her like one of your french girls. here she is, on Insta­gram.

Did I Kill Gawker?

New York Magazine

Or was it Nick Den­ton? Hulk Hogan? Peter Thiel? Or the inter­net?

Max Read asks the Big Girl ques­tions about who real­ly threw Gawk­er under the bus. (It was actu­al­ly prob­a­bly a lit­tle of every­one.)

Auto­mat­ic is a brand new Brew­ery Cat, just report­ing for duty at Crea­ture Com­forts Brew­ing. On Insta­gram, mais oui.

she’s over on Insta­gram, and her narration’s real good.

“In interviews, a number of parents and school-board members used the word ‘distraction’ to describe the local debate over “Islamic indoc­tri­nation.” “We have a shortage of bus drivers,” said a school-board member, Robert Hullett, at that October working meeting. “We have a problem with substitute teachers. We have things that are affecting our kids right now, and we’re fooling around with this.” The Atlantic

The Fear of Islam in TN Pub­lic Schools

I can­not even with self-right­eous hyper-con­ser­v­a­tive hill­bil­ly con­ser­vatism in my home state.

From Whole Foods to Red Lobster: Stores, restaurants sell shrimp peeled by slaves, AP finds

Chicago Tribune

slaves in the farm­ing trades

What con­sti­tutes mod­ern-day slav­ery is often seen as an accept­ed way of doing busi­ness in Thailand’s seafood export cap­i­tal. Shed own­ers say they are pro­vid­ing jobs to poor migrant work­ers. Police may be paid to look the oth­er way.

South­ern Sky Brew­ing Com­pa­ny in Ken­ne­saw, GA just hired an entire lit­ter of Dis­tillery Cats. via Insta­gram.

only when i’m dancing can i feel this free


gay bod­ies and gay motion

The pol­i­tics of danc­ing is the pol­i­tics of feel­ing good(a quote from this 1983 hit); the pol­i­tics of danc­ing is also the pol­i­tics of will­ing your­self to feel good. Pop is replete with minia­ture psy­chodra­mas in which mem­o­ry and desire, sub­ject and object, play out on the dance floor.

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