Month: November 2013

noth­ing says “hol­i­day giv­ing” bet­ter than beer!

Su and I decid­ed it was high time we used our skills for good for the hol­i­day sea­son, and the most obvi­ous place to start was KT’s Kids.

Every­thing Leads to Play­boy

A great Read­er piece from 2006, cour­tesy Mr. Hen­ry So, assert­ing that every­thing hap­pen­ing now in Chica­go food began with Jean Banchet work­ing for the Play­boy Club in 1973. Imagery inspired by Bec­ca, who’s been post­ing ‘em all day.

The Real Inter­net Is Inside You

P.opular (sec­tion ish),” Ryan Tre­cartin. see also: Patrick Lan­g­ley, “Ryan Tre­cartin: The Real Inter­net Is Inside You,” The White Review

Body Par­ty at the Vis­sacoor Morgue

great mashup cut from Vis­sacoor.

Jam City: Bells

a new track from Jam City, ici­ly min­i­mal. freely down­load­able with the sac­ri­fice of your email address.

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