Much like in the real world, I don’t under­stand most men’s bod­ies in games. Giv­en the option, I almost always play as a girl, a fact that baf­fled two of my room­mates, both trans women, when they caught me play­ing Shad­owrun. They both love char­ac­ter cre­ators, and they spend hours labor­ing over bod­ies that feel good to them, while I tend to feel dis­ap­point­ed in what­ev­er options are avail­able to me. The men’s bod­ies giv­en to you in most games are tall and broad­ly-mus­cled, designed with all the ele­gance of tanks. They’re ide­al­ized and innate­ly pow­er­ful, adorned with grim faces chis­eled onto neck­less heads. Apart from games like Saints Row, these bod­ies come in a lim­it­ed range of tem­plates, and while I can change brow depth and hair col­or to my heart’s con­tent, I always end up with the fan­ta­sy body of a cis man.