The plot is Fort Boyard-lev­el stu­pid,but here’s a brief pré­cis; our pro­tag­o­nists, Ezra, Har­ri, Justy and Nails, are four stu­dent ath­letes who hail from Boston but talk a lot like the famous musi­cian and nov­el­ist, Mor­ris­sey. While out train­ing in the woods one day, they’re approached by a strange, elder­ly home­less man who is not unlike Mor­ris­sey, and who pro­ceeds to rant about the evils of soci­ety, the roy­al fam­i­ly and sex­u­al pol­i­tics. When he unex­pect­ed­ly makes a lech­er­ous grab for Ezra’s groin, he is inad­ver­tent­ly killed by a sin­gle punch and the pan­icked boys hide his body and flee the scene. Oh and with­out expla­na­tion, an odd­ly Mor­ris­sey-esque old woman – or pos­si­bly her ghost – asks Ezra to dig up her mur­dered son’s hid­den corpse, he hav­ing been molest­ed and killed by the evil dean of their uni­ver­si­ty, upon whom they all there­after seek revenge. A few of them do even­tu­al­ly con­front said evil dean, — who, it turns out, sounds awful­ly like Mor­ris­sey once he gets going — but not every­thing goes to plan.