Despite being one of the most famous names in his­to­ry, when it came to food, Walt Dis­ney was a man of sim­ple tastes. Thanks to all of the hard­work­ing his­to­ri­ans at Dis­ney his diet has been well doc­u­ment­ed. His daugh­ter Diane described him as hav­ing a “hash house/​lunch wag­on” appetite, a result of eat­ing fru­gal­ly in those types of estab­lish­ments long before mar­ry­ing her moth­er, Lil­lian. Even after build­ing his empire, Walt’s favorite foods remained the same. Of his eat­ing habits his wife Lil­lian recalled, “Walt ate very sim­ply. He liked basic foods. He loved chili. For break­fast he’d have eggs, toast, fruit juice, and an occa­sion­al sausage. Lunch was usu­al­ly just a sand­wich, milk, cof­fee … he always want­ed cof­fee for lunch. Some­times his sec­re­tary would call me and tell me what he had for lunch, because when he didn’t like the din­ner, he often used the excuse that he had had it for lunch.”