Month: December 2015

Ben­jamin Shaykin, via Insta­gram

Buttons Right, Buttons Left


the­o­ries on but­ton direc­tion

From time to time I encounter the ques­tion, var­i­ous the­o­ries are dis­cussed — but in the end, every­one is as clue­less as before: Why are but­tons on men’s dress on the left-hand side, while they are on the right-hand side on women’s clothes? I decid­ed to do some research.

Ben­jamin Shaykin, via Insta­gram

People Need to Use Typography

Type Thursday on Medium

An Inter­view with Non-Latin Type Design­er Erin McLaugh­lin

Type­Thurs­day sat down with Type­face Design­er Erin Mclaugh­lin about her work as a non-latin type­face design. As the mar­kets in South Asia con­tin­ue to mature, the need for non-latin typog­ra­phy grows only larg­er. Erin shared both the chal­lenges and rewards in work­ing in the sub-spe­cial­ty.

Kris Giu­liani, via Insta­gram

The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font


build­ing char­ac­ter

The sheer scale of the writ­ing sys­tem has made any inno­va­tion ambi­tious and expen­sive. It took the com­mu­nist gov­ern­ment over 10 years of ded­i­cat­ed work to com­plete its char­ac­ter sim­pli­fi­ca­tion scheme, and even now it is not with­out con­tro­ver­sy. For the same rea­son, there has not been much inno­va­tion in fonts.

Geor­gia Ran­ney, via Insta­gram

Revisiting Hal Fischer's 'Gay Semiotics,' A Taxonomy Of Gay Archetypes And Codes From The '70S


Gay Semi­otics

Fischer’s pho­tographs were pri­mar­i­ly tak­en in the era’s gay meccas—San Francisco’s Cas­tro and Haight Ash­bury districts—and include expla­na­tions of visu­al codes like ear­rings, hand­ker­chiefs and keys as well as arche­typ­al gay styles like a leather man, an ‘urbane’ gen­tle­man and a ‘basic gay’ street style.

Canary in the Code Mine


Appalachia Gets Dig­i­tal

Out­siders have nev­er got­ten Appalachia — or else, they get the ver­sion they want: the one with the meth and Moun­tain Dew mouth, the incest, the painkillers, the wel­fare, all cap­tured by jour­nal­ists para­chut­ing in for their reg­u­lar dose of pover­ty porn. They find the tooth­less guy, the trail­ers with shot­guns racked up on the wall and the yard strewn with dia­pers and beer cans, and they film some dude say­ing weird shit in a back­coun­try accent that needs sub­ti­tles to com­pre­hend, they give it an omi­nous title like “A Hid­den Amer­i­ca: Chil­dren of the Moun­tains,” and they leave. You bet peo­ple here have a chip on their shoul­der. It’s not that stuff like that doesn’t exist—but if the world always insist­ed on zoom­ing in on your warts, you’d be resent­ful, too.

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