In the case of colour, Pan­tone Inc. holds incred­i­ble influ­ence with their increas­ing­ly mar­ket­ed and medi­a­tised Colour of the Year cam­paigns. Pur­port­ed­ly deter­mined through a pre­scient read­ing of the cul­tur­al zeit­geist (by a select cabal of colour spe­cial­ists), it is impor­tant to under­stand that the com­pa­ny, and the indus­try it serves, have their own spe­cif­ic inter­ests and agen­das that dri­ve these selec­tions. Pantone’s choice of “Rose Quartz” and “Seren­i­ty” as the 2016 Colour of the Year is the most insid­i­ous move by this colour-indus­tri­al-com­plex since “Blue Iris” in 2008. As with “Blue Iris”, Pan­tone has once again mined the sub­cul­tur­al land­scape and used their monop­oly with­in the cre­ative indus­tries to prop­a­gate their colour prop­er­ties to the world.