We’re liv­ing in a time when trans mod­els like Lea T and Andre­ja Pejic have been the faces of Red­ken and Make Up For Ever, and Cait­lyn Jen­ner has been cel­e­brat­ed on the cov­er of Van­i­ty Fair. This kind of cul­tur­al accep­tance makes it easy to lose sight of how dan­ger­ous it was 40 years ago — and still can be today — for women like Nor­man to just walk down a street. Fear of harass­ment from both police and civil­ians was con­stant. To live one’s life open­ly as a trans­gen­der woman, let alone one as a black trans woman, sim­ply wasn’t done. The only option, real­ly, was to “pass” in straight soci­ety.