For one thing, Ben­ner tells The Salt, Lati­nos tend to apply for cer­tain types of jobs, like dish­wash­er, line cook and table buser. Like­wise, such “back of house” posi­tions are not gen­er­al­ly tar­get­ed by Cau­casian appli­cants, who more often seek high­er-pay­ing bar­tender and wait­er posi­tions. “We call this the self-selec­tion bias,” says Ben­ner, whose research involved inter­view­ing own­ers and man­agers at 12 Cal­i­for­nia restau­rants, half of which were high-end estab­lish­ments, and close­ly ana­lyz­ing nation­al indus­try data. “Peo­ple may just not see them­selves as work­ing in a cer­tain area.”