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Red lives at MB Roland Dis­tillery, in Pem­broke Ken­tucky. via Dis­tillery Cats on Insta­gram

My first Hong Kong calligraphy teacher started with the Oracle script style. At first, I was shocked. I have been an opponent of the stereotypical interpretation of Chinese characters as pictographic or ideographic presentations, and there I was, in Hong Kong, in the 21st Century, sitting in the home of a teacher drawing ancient shapes of Hanzi. Mariko Takagi

Mariko buries the lede

Mariko loves the Chi­nese Ora­cle Script by Mariko Tak­a­gi, at Alpha­bettes

How Ashley Madison Hid Its Fembot Con From Users and Investigators


on the inter­net, nobody knows you’re fake

To the Ash­ley Madi­son “guest,” or non-pay­ing mem­ber, it would appear that he was being per­son­al­ly con­tact­ed by eager women. But if he want­ed to read or respond to their mes­sages, he would have to shell out for a pack­age of Ash­ley Madi­son cred­its, which range in price from $60 to $290. Each sub­se­quent mes­sage and chat cost the man cred­its. As doc­u­ments from com­pa­ny e-mails now reveal, 80 per­cent of first pur­chas­es on Ash­ley Madi­son were a result of a man try­ing to con­tact a bot, or read­ing a mes­sage from one.

Gus­ta­vo the Cat, via Insta­gram

Save The Fleet, Eat Less Wheat

NPR Food

The Patri­ot­ic His­to­ry Of Ditch­ing Bread

In Ore­gon, the loaf local­ly called “war bread” con­tained 40 per­cent wheat sub­sti­tutes, such as corn, bar­ley, or rice flour; anoth­er type, known as “vic­to­ry bread,” con­tained 25 per­cent sub­sti­tutes. Those who munched on war bread, read­ers of the Ore­gon Evening Her­ald were told, were “15 per cent more patri­ot­ic than the one who eats vic­to­ry bread.”

Cork, of State 11 Dis­tillery, via Dis­tillery Cats on Insta­gram

Why I Quit Ordering From Uber-for-Food Start-Ups

The Atlantic

The food was decent, but the vibes were dystopi­an

Josephine doesn’t pre­pare any meals itself. Instead, it screens home cooks and takes orders on their behalf. On the day I’m writ­ing this, I can get car­rot soup ($11) from Lisa in Oak­land or phở ($13) from Hai in Emeryville. That’s it for tonight. Tomor­row, there’s chick­en and dumplings ($11) from Suzie in Albany or veg­gie enchi­ladas ($8) from Afi­ba in Fruit­vale. The menu extends out two weeks; Josephine is less “I’m hun­gry now” and more “I expect to be hun­gry on Thurs­day, so I’d bet­ter line some­thing up.”

Change Isn’t Cheap

Lucky Peach

mon­ey in the world of food

Jason Ham­mel, who owns Lula, a main­stay here in our neigh­bor­hood, on the nec­es­sary changes hap­pen­ing in the restau­rant indus­try that need to hap­pen to stop the col­lapse of pub­lic food into a morass of cheap, shit­ty piz­za and burg­er joints.

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