hi, I’m Patric King. I’m a design­er work­ing from Chicago with my part­ner. we design inter­est­ing things for inter­est­ing peo­ple, which means our projects are almost always small, but love­ly. in Chicago, we’ve made an inter­est­ing site for Yusho,which is all about mak­ing Chci­ago and Tokyo come togerther. there’s an pret­ty lit­tle aus­tere brand and site for Bil­ly Sun­day, too, and that’s about pok­ing fun at Chicago’s his­to­ry of drunk­en­ness. nation­al­ly, we designed and built all of Gawk­er Media’s brands and first gen­er­a­tion of their sites, then lat­er Radar, Dead­line Hol­ly­wood, and Movieline.

when I was younger, my work was all about pop and loud­ness, and a great result of that was Bub­ble­land, for which I cre­at­ed most of the graph­ics, back when I was with Thirst. (accord­ing to their nar­ra­tive I “joined in,” which is a not-unusu­al-in-design dis­tor­tion). the work ini­tial­ly thrilled me, then embar­rassed me for a num­ber of years, and now i’ve set­tled into lik­ing that peo­ple hap­pi­ly remem­ber see­ing it.

in our sep­a­rate projects: Boyfriend tran­scribes inter­est­ing things;make type. we both have been online for rough­ly forever; and by forever I mean that he and I both have had pub­lic accounts on local BBSes in the ear­ly 1990s. get into it.

this is a hope­less­ly old-fash­ioned site where I col­lect the things that I like, and you get to watch. by things that I like, I most­ly mean type, design think­ing, fash­ion anthro­pol­o­gy, food anthro­pol­o­gy, pop music his­to­ry, and dis­tillery cats. there’s not a ton of orig­i­nal con­tent I’ve made because frankly, I make a lot of stuff and there are plen­ty of oth­er places to see that.

the the­me I’m using here is a heav­i­ly re-tooled ver­sion of Anders Norén’s Gar­funkel, if you’re into it.

the dis­play type­face is my own Have­lock, and you may buy it fo’ yo’ self over at XO, Pret­ty.