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this little monster’s up for adoption, if you’re a designer in Brooklyn in need of a studio partner. via ThundercatsTNR, on Instagram

I met stateless people who couldn’t travel at all because of their lack of documentation; I was only able to meet them because I have the fortune of being able to cross the planet almost entirely without restrictions. I’d been aware of these inequalities in the abstract, but to be confronted with them head-on was as informative as it was depressing. However little one shares as a journalist, the emotional effort that goes into this sort of work is tremendous; it is exhausting to be extracting information in some way out of every interaction, constantly on the lookout for telling details and choice quotes, always pressing for more numbers, dates, names. Atossa Araxia Abrahamian for Guernica

Among Strangers

the author explores what it’s like to live alongside the newly, effectively-stateless born from the recent upheaval in global economic changes. your next existential crisis: being from nowhere.

a short history of the geometric sans


a short history of the geometric sans

this is actually a sales piece for FF Mark, but it’s also a pretty decent overview of where the geometric sans came from in the first place

Koryos on GM crops

Newt in the Throat

Koryos on gm crops

“The objection to GM in general should be the patenting of genes and other legal matters; there are a number of crops that have been saved from blight and overall extinction via modification in the past two decades, and much like putting up inaccessibly expensive paywalls to scientific journals, patenting of genes within crops limits our ability within universities, small research companies, etc to make significant breakthroughs to further the scientific progress of humanity.”

Vivienne Westwood on Vivienne Westwood


The Self on Display

The narrative of Westwood’s autobiography is built on her parallel engagement in fashion and activism, a dynamic she has maintained since her punk years. She and her one-time partner, Malcolm McLaren have been credited with having made fashion explicitly political through the creation of the punk uniform.

One place I start though, is the thinking that graphic design is perceived to be easy. It’s colouring-in and a few shapes, slapping new logos on old brands, something anyone could do with the right software and some time. James Greenfield

“Remarkably touchy lot, designers.”

What’s up with everyone in the mainstream media constantly complaining about new logos, with no idea what the actual business problem was..?

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The Path To Expertise


expertise takes time

The bottom line: Universities have neither the time nor the resources to accomplish what we demand of them with respect to computer science education. Once the problem has been laid bare like this, it is obvious that there’s really only one solution—we need to start teaching computer science earlier.

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