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Cork, of State 11 Distillery, via Distillery Cats on Instagram

Distillery Cats bring you Egon, Ray, Gozer & Venkman from Chicago’s Empirical Brewery via Instagram

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The Propaganda of Pantone

via Loki Design

Colour & Subcultural Sublimation

In the case of colour, Pantone Inc. holds incredible influence with their increasingly marketed and mediatised Colour of the Year campaigns. Purportedly determined through a prescient reading of the cultural zeitgeist (by a select cabal of colour specialists), it is important to understand that the company, and the industry it serves, have their own specific interests and agendas that drive these selections. Pantone’s choice of “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” as the 2016 Colour of the Year is the most insidious move by this colour-industrial-complex since “Blue Iris” in 2008. As with “Blue Iris”, Pantone has once again mined the subcultural landscape and used their monopoly within the creative industries to propagate their colour properties to the world.

Tim Brooks, via Instagram

Distillery Cats, via Instagram

What Butchering Your Animals Really Feels Like

Modern Farmer

Farm Confessional:

But I don’t want to debate where you get your food, or what you choose to eat. That is all up to you. I want to describe what it is like to be present at butcher day, and what goes into the routine leading up to it. Of course, this has changed in the 11 years since we had our first group of sheep butchered. That was a very uncomfortable day, and it still is. It will always be uncomfortable, just like taking a dying animal to be euthanized: You know, and they don’t.

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