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only when i’m dancing can i feel this free


gay bod­ies and gay motion

The pol­i­tics of danc­ing is the pol­i­tics of feel­ing good(a quote from this 1983 hit); the pol­i­tics of danc­ing is also the pol­i­tics of will­ing your­self to feel good. Pop is replete with minia­ture psy­chodra­mas in which mem­o­ry and desire, sub­ject and object, play out on the dance floor.

Piz­za Cat, of Cor­sair Dis­tillery in Nashville, inspects a pipe (via Dis­tillery Cats on Insta­gram)

So the premise of It Doesn’t Suck—that Showgirls is a criminally misunderstood masterpiece—depends on our ability to change our minds. If money is any indication... the shift has already taken place. While Showgirls flopped theatrically, those ironic viewings have made the film one of MGM’s top 20 all-time bestsellers, with more than $100 million in home sales. Whether people are laughing at the film or laughing with the film might be irrelevant. People are watching the film. People are thinking about the film. And people are still reading about the film. The Awl

Show­girls” Is A Good Movie

appar­ent­ly it’s time to take Show­girls seri­ous­ly as a piece of satire? I mean I did when it came out, but what­ev­er.

Orange #1 greet­ing the phở­tog­ra­pher, via Jesse Holmz on Insta­gram

If There Are Aliens Out There, Where Are They?

Scientific American

okay, so where are they?

Sim­ple life appeared on Earth almost as soon as the plan­et cooled suf­fi­cient­ly to sup­port water-based organ­isms. To be detectable from a dis­tance, how­ev­er, life has to evolve to the point where it dom­i­nates the plan­e­tary sur­face chem­istry and has sig­nif­i­cant­ly changed the atmos­phere, cre­at­ing chem­i­cal “biosig­na­tures” that can in prin­ci­ple be detect­ed remote­ly.

Lau­ra Balke takes the road trips I dream about, over on her Insta­gram

In the North of England there is a longstanding tradition of eating gingerbread on the anniversary of the attempt in 1605 to blow up the Houses of Parliament. the old foodie

Guy Fawkes Night Cake

Guy Fawkes Night Cake, plus more ideas of where Bon­fire Night cakes came from. spoil­er: not Chris­tian tra­di­tion..

Tophey, who is clear­ly a wiseass, just turned one over the week­end. Good for Tophey.Tophey’s on on Insta­gram.

What Does the Internet Bring to the Concept of a Country?

Open Transcripts

Inter­net? State­hood?

what hap­pens to state­hood when phys­i­cal place mat­ters so much less to thoughts of iden­ti­ty?

this lit­tle monster’s up for adop­tion, if you’re a design­er in Brook­lyn in need of a stu­dio part­ner. via Thun­der­cat­sT­NR, on Insta­gram

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