I’ve been, as of late, having a discussion of veganism with myself. (I know, right? what is this, sophomore year of college?)

my current viewpoint is that not eating animals is a personal choice, and that’s fine.

but when a person starts saying it’s immoral for humans to kill animals, then it implies a philosophical viewpoint I don’t prescribe to: that humans are separate from the rest of the animal population of this planet, and are free to decide others’ fate based upon that superiority.

that casts the human as a special creature on the planet. not something I agree with, entirely. we all came from the same essential biome, and as such are dictated by the world’s rules (which are currently showing us in no uncertain terms that we need to undo the industrial revolution’s naiveté).

I do believe that our cognitive abilities give us special placement as caretakers where other creatures might not be able to be—but I don’t believe that makes us morally superior to other animals.

so: my end statement about my own philosophy of food: it’s natural to kill for food and reverent to not waste any part of a body. but I don’t like killing animals as part of an industrialized process. it’s irreverent. so I’ll eat less meat to try and not take part in something I don’t approve of.

there! simple! that only took me like ten years to work out.