Month: November 2013

nothing says “holiday giving” better than beer!

Su and I decided it was high time we used our skills for good for the holiday season, and the most obvious place to start was KT’s Kids.

Everything Leads to Playboy

A great Reader piece from 2006, courtesy Mr. Henry So, asserting that everything happening now in Chicago food began with Jean Banchet working for the Playboy Club in 1973. Imagery inspired by Becca, who’s been posting ’em all day.

The Real Internet Is Inside You

“P.opular (section ish),” Ryan Trecartin. see also: Patrick Langley, “Ryan Trecartin: The Real Internet Is Inside You,” The White Review

Body Party at the Vissacoor Morgue

great mashup cut from Vissacoor.

Jam City: Bells

a new track from Jam City, icily minimal. freely downloadable with the sacrifice of your email address.

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