Su and I decided it was high time we used our skills for good for the holiday season, and the most obvious place to start was our friends Katie and Rob Augustyn, who run KT’s Kids.

the charity began while Katie was pulling shifts at Su’s favorite trash rock bar, Liar’s Club, while she got her certification for physical therapy. (Katie works with severely disabled kids from Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods.) Things kinda came to a head when one of her chair-bound patients showed up without gloves, and having rolled up a wet Chicago street in the middle of December. She got pissed, forced all her regulars to give her ten bucks, bought the kid a pair of waterproof gloves, and a charity was born. every year, there’s a huge party at Liar’s with a show featuring member sof Stiff Little Fingers, Dummy, Local H, a bunch of burlesque performers, and booooooooooze.

Katie’s now in her tenth year doing this, and the charity’s given $75,000 in cash and gifts since the beginning. Katie wants to amplify her message, and so Su and I made her an identity package, communications materials, a site, social media channels, mailing lists, and so on. The hope is that we can make this so big that Katie can actually get the charity to be self-sustaining ina couple of years.

so. Chicago, I love you, but you’re a mean bitch. this is what I’m doing to fix you.