The plot is Fort Boyard-level stupid,but here’s a brief precis; our protagonists, Ezra, Harri, Justy and Nails, are four student athletes who hail from Boston but talk a lot like the famous musician and novelist, Morrissey. While out training in the woods one day, they’re approached by a strange, elderly homeless man who is not unlike Morrissey, and who proceeds to rant about the evils of society, the royal family and sexual politics. When he unexpectedly makes a lecherous grab for Ezra’s groin, he is inadvertently killed by a single punch and the panicked boys hide his body and flee the scene. Oh and without explanation, an oddly Morrissey-esque old woman – or possibly her ghost – asks Ezra to dig up her murdered son’s hidden corpse, he having been molested and killed by the evil dean of their university, upon whom they all thereafter seek revenge. A few of them do eventually confront said evil dean, – who, it turns out, sounds awfully like Morrissey once he gets going – but not everything goes to plan.