Despite being one of the most famous names in history, when it came to food, Walt Disney was a man of simple tastes. Thanks to all of the hardworking historians at Disney his diet has been well documented. His daughter Diane described him as having a “hash house/lunch wagon” appetite, a result of eating frugally in those types of establishments long before marrying her mother, Lillian. Even after building his empire, Walt’s favorite foods remained the same. Of his eating habits his wife Lillian recalled, “Walt ate very simply. He liked basic foods. He loved chili. For breakfast he’d have eggs, toast, fruit juice, and an occasional sausage. Lunch was usually just a sandwich, milk, coffee … he always wanted coffee for lunch. Sometimes his secretary would call me and tell me what he had for lunch, because when he didn’t like the dinner, he often used the excuse that he had had it for lunch.”