Month: March 2016

Red lives at MB Roland Distillery, in Pembroke Kentucky. via Distillery Cats on Instagram

My first Hong Kong calligraphy teacher started with the Oracle script style. At first, I was shocked. I have been an opponent of the stereotypical interpretation of Chinese characters as pictographic or ideographic presentations, and there I was, in Hong Kong, in the 21st Century, sitting in the home of a teacher drawing ancient shapes of Hanzi. Mariko Takagi

Mariko buries the lede

Mariko loves the Chinese Oracle Script by Mariko Takagi, at Alphabettes

How Ashley Madison Hid Its Fembot Con From Users and Investigators


on the internet, nobody knows you’re fake

To the Ashley Madison “guest,” or non-paying member, it would appear that he was being personally contacted by eager women. But if he wanted to read or respond to their messages, he would have to shell out for a package of Ashley Madison credits, which range in price from $60 to $290. Each subsequent message and chat cost the man credits. As documents from company e-mails now reveal, 80 percent of first purchases on Ashley Madison were a result of a man trying to contact a bot, or reading a message from one.

Gustavo the Cat, via Instagram

Save The Fleet, Eat Less Wheat

NPR Food

The Patriotic History Of Ditching Bread

In Oregon, the loaf locally called “war bread” contained 40 percent wheat substitutes, such as corn, barley, or rice flour; another type, known as “victory bread,” contained 25 percent substitutes. Those who munched on war bread, readers of the Oregon Evening Herald were told, were “15 per cent more patriotic than the one who eats victory bread.”

Cork, of State 11 Distillery, via Distillery Cats on Instagram

Why I Quit Ordering From Uber-for-Food Start-Ups

The Atlantic

The food was decent, but the vibes were dystopian

Josephine doesn’t prepare any meals itself. Instead, it screens home cooks and takes orders on their behalf. On the day I’m writing this, I can get carrot soup ($11) from Lisa in Oakland or pho ($13) from Hai in Emeryville. That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow, there’s chicken and dumplings ($11) from Suzie in Albany or veggie enchiladas ($8) from Afiba in Fruitvale. The menu extends out two weeks; Josephine is less “I’m hungry now” and more “I expect to be hungry on Thursday, so I’d better line something up.”

Change Isn’t Cheap

Lucky Peach

money in the world of food

Jason Hammel, who owns Lula, a mainstay here in our neighborhood, on the necessary changes happening in the restaurant industry that need to happen to stop the collapse of public food into a morass of cheap, shitty pizza and burger joints.

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