Month: June 2016

Why ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ Sound So Similar in So Many Languages

The Atlantic


The word for “mother” seems often either to be mama or have a nasal sound similar to m, like nana. The word for “father” seems often either to be papa or have a sound similar to p, like b, in it—such that you get something like baba. The word for “dad” may also have either d or t, which is a variation on saying d, just as p is on b. People say mama or nana, and then papa, baba, dada, or tata, worldwide.

The Path To Expertise


expertise takes time

The bottom line: Universities have neither the time nor the resources to accomplish what we demand of them with respect to computer science education. Once the problem has been laid bare like this, it is obvious that there’s really only one solution—we need to start teaching computer science earlier.

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