Month: August 2016

Sesame’s a Hotel Cat who lives at Rag & Famish in North Sydney. via Distillery Cats, on Instagram

The Death of Flair: Friday's Goes Minimalist

Collectors Weekly

yeah, but what happens to the antiques?

truth told, restaurant kitsch has been dying a slow death for the last decade.

Fat Alice reclining on her cornucopia chair; draw her like one of your french girls. here she is, on Instagram.

Did I Kill Gawker?

New York Magazine

Or was it Nick Denton? Hulk Hogan? Peter Thiel? Or the internet?

Max Read asks the Big Girl questions about who really threw Gawker under the bus. (It was actually probably a little of everyone.)

Automatic is a brand new Brewery Cat, just reporting for duty at Creature Comforts Brewing. On Instagram, mais oui.

she’s over on Instagram, and her narration’s real good.

“In interviews, a number of parents and school-board members used the word ‘distraction’ to describe the local debate over “Islamic indoc­tri­nation.” “We have a shortage of bus drivers,” said a school-board member, Robert Hullett, at that October working meeting. “We have a problem with substitute teachers. We have things that are affecting our kids right now, and we’re fooling around with this.” The Atlantic

The Fear of Islam in TN Public Schools

I cannot even with self-righteous hyper-conservative hillbilly conservatism in my home state.

From Whole Foods to Red Lobster: Stores, restaurants sell shrimp peeled by slaves, AP finds

Chicago Tribune

slaves in the farming trades

What constitutes modern-day slavery is often seen as an accepted way of doing business in Thailand’s seafood export capital. Shed owners say they are providing jobs to poor migrant workers. Police may be paid to look the other way.

Southern Sky Brewing Company in Kennesaw, GA just hired an entire litter of Distillery Cats. via Instagram.

only when i’m dancing can i feel this free


gay bodies and gay motion

The politics of dancing is the politics of feeling good(a quote from this 1983 hit); the politics of dancing is also the politics of willing yourself to feel good. Pop is replete with miniature psychodramas in which memory and desire, subject and object, play out on the dance floor.

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