hi, I’m Patric King. I’m a designer working from Chicago with my partner. we design interesting things for interesting people, which means our projects are almost always small, but lovely. in Chicago, we’ve made an interesting site for Yusho,which is all about making Chciago and Tokyo come togerther. there’s an pretty little austere brand and site for Billy Sunday, too, and that’s about poking fun at Chicago’s history of drunkenness. nationally, we designed and built all of Gawker Media’s brands and first generation of their sites, then later Radar, Deadline Hollywood, and Movieline.

when I was younger, my work was all about pop and loudness, and a great result of that was Bubbleland, for which I created most of the graphics, back when I was with Thirst. (according to their narrative I “joined in,” which is a not-unusual-in-design distortion). the work initially thrilled me, then embarrassed me for a number of years, and now i’ve settled into liking that people happily remember seeing it.

in our separate projects: Boyfriend transcribes interesting things; I make type. we both have been online for roughly forever; and by forever I mean that he and I both have had public accounts on local BBSes in the early 1990s. get into it.

this is a hopelessly old-fashioned site where I collect the things that I like, and you get to watch. by things that I like, I mostly mean type, design thinking, fashion anthropology, food anthropology, pop music history, and distillery cats. there’s not a ton of original content I’ve made because frankly, I make a lot of stuff and there are plenty of other places to see that.

the theme I’m using here is a heavily re-tooled version of Anders Norén’s Garfunkel, if you’re into it.

the display typeface is my own Havelock, and you may buy it fo’ yo’ self over at XO, Pretty.