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“In interviews, a number of parents and school-board members used the word ‘distraction’ to describe the local debate over “Islamic indoc­tri­nation.” “We have a shortage of bus drivers,” said a school-board member, Robert Hullett, at that October working meeting. “We have a problem with substitute teachers. We have things that are affecting our kids right now, and we’re fooling around with this.” The Atlantic

The Fear of Islam in TN Public Schools

I cannot even with self-righteous hyper-conservative hillbilly conservatism in my home state.

a short history of the geometric sans


a short history of the geometric sans

this is actually a sales piece for FF Mark, but it’s also a pretty decent overview of where the geometric sans came from in the first place

Why ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ Sound So Similar in So Many Languages

The Atlantic


The word for “mother” seems often either to be mama or have a nasal sound similar to m, like nana. The word for “father” seems often either to be papa or have a sound similar to p, like b, in it—such that you get something like baba. The word for “dad” may also have either d or t, which is a variation on saying d, just as p is on b. People say mama or nana, and then papa, baba, dada, or tata, worldwide.

The Propaganda of Pantone

via Loki Design

Colour & Subcultural Sublimation

In the case of colour, Pantone Inc. holds incredible influence with their increasingly marketed and mediatised Colour of the Year campaigns. Purportedly determined through a prescient reading of the cultural zeitgeist (by a select cabal of colour specialists), it is important to understand that the company, and the industry it serves, have their own specific interests and agendas that drive these selections. Pantone’s choice of “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” as the 2016 Colour of the Year is the most insidious move by this colour-industrial-complex since “Blue Iris” in 2008. As with “Blue Iris”, Pantone has once again mined the subcultural landscape and used their monopoly within the creative industries to propagate their colour properties to the world.

Benjamin Shaykin asking the important questions, via Instagram

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Dan Rhatigan, via Instagram

A window into another world

Timothy Peel designs fake UIs for your favorite films, and talks about it here.

Benjamin Shaykin, via Instagram

Benjamin Shaykin, via Instagram

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